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Keywords and Key people

The what's what and Who's who

You might have spotted some of these words around the Expo. If they're new to you, here's our guide on what they mean to us.

Making for Change

Making for Change is a Craftspace project for young people, offering different ways for them to create positive change around issues they care about through making. To find out more check out the Making for Change blog.


Craft + Activism = Craftivism. Using craft to make positive change in society by visually speaking out about social and political issues, causes or injustices.


Campaigning or working for positive change in society by speaking out about injustice in different ways.

Social change

Changes to values, attitudes, traditions, standards or behaviours within society.


Political change

Change that addresses the balance around ideas and values between the government and the people it serves, stemming from issues that people in the country are facing.

Individual action

Actions around social or political change taken by an individual based on their own choices and beliefs e.g. choosing to cycle instead of drive.

Collective Action

Actions around social and political change taken by a group working together based on a collectively held belief e.g. working to petition a city council to make more cycle lanes.

Social Action

Taking steps to change the things that are wrong in our society and introducing new ideas and processes for doing things better in the future.


Supporting social or political causes with the minimum amount of effort e.g. ‘liking’ a social media page or buying a wristband.


A society where citizens have the opportunity to be recognised and advanced in proportion to their abilities and accomplishments.

Betsy Greer - craftivist



"Over the years I’ve been called a lot of things, a crafter, an activist, an unsung hero, the godmother of craftivism, among others. And to be honest, that’s how I prefer it, you taking my work and letting it best help you in a way you see fit."


Seleena Laverne Daye - craftivist

Seleena Laverne Daye is a textile artist making works primarily out of felt and using traditional techniques such as embroidery and cross stitch.

Seleena has also been making zines since the age of 15. She is a self-taught artist. Bradford born in 1984, Manchester raised, her work features topics relating to race, class, sexuality and gender whilst being heavily inspired by '90s popular culture. 


Sarah Corbett - craftivist


"In 2008, burned out from too much confrontation, slactivism and clicktivism, and doubting the effectiveness of many elements of conventional activism, Sarah starting looking for alternatives. When she discovered craftivism – a term coined by American writer and crafter Betsy Greer in 2003 – Sarah realised that craftivism could offer what she’d been looking for: something new to add to her activism toolkit."


 Melanie Tomlinson - artist

Melanie helped the young people to visualise ideas in 3D using metal; Mahnaz made a tea set, Asher recreated Grenfell Tower and Sarah made bee kits. She also introduced them to metal embossing techniques which they used for their signs and slogans.


Juneau Projects - artists

Juneau Projects brought along their 3D digital printer and helped participants to develop their designs ideas, create an identity for their campaigns and produced a series 3D stamps related to their themes.

From  "Juneau Projects was formed in 2001 by Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler. We work across a broad range of media including painting, sculpture, animation, performance, music and installation."


Keith Bloomfield - Reel Access

Keith worked with the film school to storyboard, film and edit their films. He also worked as a maker mentor for Eden and Anna. You can see how his interest in magazines and comics influenced their campaigns.

Keith works for Reel Access. Reel Access is a Birmingham based participatory arts organisation with a focus on creative media including filmmaking, photography, print and digital.


Deborette Clarke

Deborette worked as a maker mentor with Isabella Introducing her to the making process and helping her to source materials for jewellery around a female empowerment theme which they showcased at Simmerdown Festival.

Deborette Clarke is a designer/maker with a wealth of experience that covers many areas in the creative sector.


Dauvit Alexander

Dauvit supported participants as an artist. He utilised his skills in working with a range of materials. He introduced the young people to electroplating and worked with Jordan to develop his game creating both metal and perspex playing pieces.

Dauvit is a jeweller based in Birmingham. He is largely self taught and pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in jewellery.

more key people coming soon!
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