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campaign : Where Have All The Animals Gone

campaigner : Anna a great example of : planning issue: environment
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Your Turn To Plan

A Curator's Perspective

This zine is wonderful in its inclusive and non-judgmental approach. Rather than preaching, it gives useful information and I love the cute animals doing quirky things!

Sharing your passion for a cause doesn't always have to be doom and gloom. From personal experience, it's a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends and enjoy being creative.

Could you set up a club or collective for zine-making with friends? A fun informal commitment can make activism easier to manage with your daily life.

Pause for Thought

Wacky collages of animals add humour to the zine, cut-out letters create a DIY feel and illustrations give a personal touch. How could you add humour to your own campaign?

What about added extras? Anna included a discount for readers with their first purchase at Birmingham's 'The Clean Kilo', a local and plastic-free zero-waste supermarket. This zine won't be put in the (recycling) bin as it gives readers an incentive to hold on to it and start making more sustainable choices.

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