campaign : Where Have All The Animals Gone

Greta Thunberg... but also Leah NamugerwaHolly Gillibrand and Autumn Peltier. Young people have been a real force for change for the environment and each have used their own methods for sharing their passion.

'Where Have All The Animals Gone?', created by Anna, uses craftivism and specifically zine making.


Some advantages:

  • It's accessible - Not everyone is comfortable to step on the world stage - not even Greta herself at times!

  • You can reflect on your own views. You can share your perspective in a carefully thought-out way.

  • It's cheap.

  • You can do it online!

As you can see, Anna has created an easy-to-read zine. To be even more effective she's focused on one issue, asking the intriguing question:

Where have all the animals gone?


You might not know why the UK and worldwide wildlife has decreased and might choose to read on to find out more.


Even more importantly, many readers may immediately follow the above question with: 

Why have all the animals gone?

Read Anna's zine here>>


Your Turn To Plan

Which social issue would you address in your Making for Change campaign? 

It's important to take time to think about this when it can feel easier to concentrate on other priorities like school and work. 

How can you make the area you would tackle more specific?

Having a clear focus can make your message more powerful and, we can see from Greta Thunberg and the others mentioned above the ability of one person to make a change or take individual action.

Set an example. In her 'Message from the Editor', Anna talks about how she has personally made a change in her life. This can inspire others. When planning your campaign, what action could you take and then share the results with others?

A Curator's Perspective

This zine is wonderful in its inclusive and non-judgmental approach. Rather than preaching, it gives useful information and I love the cute animals doing quirky things!


Sharing your passion for a cause doesn't always have to be doom and gloom. From personal experience, it's a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends and enjoy being creative.

Could you set up a club or collective for zine-making with friends? A fun informal commitment can make activism easier to manage with your daily life.

Pause for Thought

Wacky collages of animals add humour to the zine, cut-out letters create a DIY feel and illustrations give a personal touch. How could you add humour to your own campaign?


What about added extras? Anna included a discount for readers with their first purchase at Birmingham's 'The Clean Kilo', a local and plastic-free zero-waste supermarket. This zine won't be put in the (recycling) bin as it gives readers an incentive to hold on to it and start making more sustainable choices.

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