Craftspace's Craftivism Manifesto

Calling all contributors!

At Craftspace we believe that making is powerful and that craftivism and the act of creating it is particularly empowering and impactful.

We are inspired by activists from the past such as those who were part of the suffrage movement as well as more recent contributors such as Betsy Greer who came up with the term craftivism. We're generating a wide-ranging manifesto with a range of artists who continue to use making processes to communicate a message about change. Read more about Betsy and other craftivists here.

We have been working with craftivism and young people for a number of years and have been thinking about what our manifesto should include: 

  • Having a voice 

  • Sharing ideas  

  • Learning through making 

  • Working together 

  • Raising awareness 

  • Making a change 

  • Addressing uncomfortable issues 

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What does Craftivism mean to YOU?

We would like your contributions too!

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What does craftivism mean to our friends?

Take inspiration from some of the people we've been inspired by and worked with over the years in the films below.

Betsy Greer

'...connecting through craft...'

Jane Thakoordin

' changes people...'


Seleena Laverne Daye

'...anyone can create...'

Hayley Salter

'...share your story...'


Jabez Walsh

'...leave it to grow...'

Sarah Lopez

'...use craft to create change...'

Daljinder Johal

'...a chance to support other people...'

Deirdre Figueiredo

'...a vehicle for quiet activism...'