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Making for Change in 2017 took place in Aston and Newtown. To help young people best capture their insights into this part of Birmingham, the programme introduced a film school in Week Three.


Craftspace wanted to explore the idea of crafting a film, whilst giving participants another way to engage with the issues they cared about.  

Four young people; Ajai, Amar, Jasbir and Jordan applied to be part of Film School and worked with Keith Bloomfield from community film organisation Reel Access, to make craftivist films on issues that mattered to them.  

As well as engaging in some of the same activism training and making sessions as the main programme participants. They also learned about the filming and editing process.


Each young person approached their film differently and these powerful pieces capture, in a very visual way, their concerns: knife crime, bullying, food production and racism.  


Shown for the first time at the programme’s showcase event, you can watch some of the films here. Look out for how they have used elements of physical making in their films too.  


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