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Making For Change : Processing Lockdown creatively


As schools start to reopen, creative processes can be a really useful way of helping students to process their experience. Craftivism (craft and activism) which combines slow mindful making activity with a focus on social justice and change can be particularly impactful.

Here are some ideas to get you started

This great exhibition curated by a young person is full of loads of information. You can use it to find out what Craftivism is and what it means to other people, look at past campaigns and learn about the young people’s thought processes when developing them .


Past issues include community tragedies, racism, bullying, and isolation. Looking at the campaigns could be a useful way of starting discussions around issues or feelings students might have experienced.


Use the Expo website!

Have a go at our simple makes 

If done in a group they can be used to encourage mindful reflection and conversation.

Create a zine

Artist Seleena Laverne Day uses zines to talk about issues and experiences. Get your students to create their own zine on the theme of surviving lockdown. We have a great example from a young person from Eden Academy in Birmingham here.

Who is Seleena Laverne Daye?


Make a felt patch

Seleena also creates textile patches. She uses them to talk about the issues she cares about and presents them so other people can see. What issues have emerged strongly for young people during lockdown? Examples might include food poverty, mental health issues, cyber bullying.


Stitch a tea bag

Making for Change participant Mahnaz created a campaign focused on addressing community isolation. She wanted to bring different communities together through the symbolic sharing of tea. This is more important now than ever. Whilst making their tea bag students could think about what message they would like to write and for whom. By delivering their tea bag to that person they will be engaging in an active act towards change.

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