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A Curator's Perspective

It feels that at the centre of Asher's campaign is the idea of trust, a feeling that is arguably dwindling in our society with 'fake news' and 'post-truth'. As we place a coin in the model, we expect the coin to stay in. When it doesn't, we feel a bit wrong-footed.

It's the same for all our intentions in society. Now more than ever it's essential to combat misinformation and hold people to account for their actions.

For ideas on how to implement this in your campaign, why not look at our craftivism manifesto?

Pause for Thought

Passion for tackling an emotional social issue can often come with difficulty - and that's okay. Many craftivists find the making process useful for their own mental health. Plus, focusing on the making process with clever concepts like Asher's can also make presenting your campaigns easier.

If you need a little help with feelings that come up from the making process, a mentor can be a safe person to talk to. We have some tips on finding or recognising a mentor here.

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