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Do you think life is like a story? 

Presenting a campaign can be tricky but Eden is great at sharing the effects our decisions can have in a comic book. 'Choices' speaks to his audience in their own style.

Sometimes one decision, one meeting, one action can have an unexpected impact on your life down the line. More importantly, do you think the negative consequences of that action can be erased or are they as permanent as the colours used to colour the comic book in?

"Your choice can ambush you with regret and sadness, or happiness and joy, so make one carefully..." 

how to talk to your audience

Eden has avoided stuffy and complex words in his comic, more 'yute' and 'ends'. These words might not be in the dictionary, but Eden is respecting his audience and talking to them, not at them. Research and context will help other people outside his audience who may not know these terms.


Ultimately it is most important that the story reaches people in power. With the comic, they can begin to understand the challenges that young people face in Birmingham.

The comic shares the story of Jay but Eden's writing also provides a balance of perspectives. 

Jay's actions come to a deadly conclusion as he becomes involved with knife crime and kills another person. This hurts more than the pair as both Jay's mother and the victim's mother lose their children in different ways.

We also understand the pressures on young people to make money, earn status and ultimately, to think about short-term gain rather than long-term consequences.

<<read Eden's comic

Your Turn To Present

Presenting a campaign to other people can be intimidating, but it's also a powerful experience to share your special perspective - no one else has it! See it as a moment of empowerment and empathy.


Practice makes perfect but so does preparation. It's helpful to imagine the questions that you might receive to write a response in advance and increase your confidence in your answers.  

Eden worked with a mentor from Reel Access on his campaign. 

A Curator's Perspective

I love Eden's campaign as it's a wonderful example of the power of storytelling. Superhero movies and comics are incredibly popular as they show unique situations in a relatable way.

Whether you're Peter Parker turning away from a path of vengeance or Jay experiencing peer pressure, we've all had to face some tough choices and comics can push us to have an emotional reaction to someone else facing a difficult decision.

Pause for Thought

Parallels can be drawn between young people speaking out against knife crime in the UK and gun crime in the US.


Those carrying weapons can see it as necessary but young activists such Emma González show how to change minds as well as laws. 

While Choices looks at the personal, researching global issues can provide inspiration!

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