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Why is the Making for Change programme important to me?

The Making for Change programme began with a series of steering group sessions, including one with young people aged 16-25 years at the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham.

Here they gave their feedback on the programme and helped the Craftspace team with everything from the terminology used on the programme to sharing the social issues that they cared about. 

Because of this, the programme has prioritised the voices of young people from start to finish - even the ones LINK to bio creating this Expo.

So we'll let a group of young people tell you how the programme was so engaging before we go on to explain why the Expo can benefit you.

If you're not sure what you want to do, but want to pass some time and get ideas - watch a film.

DJ :Did you suggest moving these elsewhere Lisa?

If you're passionate about a certain social issue but not sure where to start, gain inspiration from past participants here.

Want to learn more about Craftivism? Hear from some fellow enthusiasts.

If you're stuck at a certain stage of your campaign, find some examples here. 

If you need some individual feedback, we have some advice on finding a mentor in your life.

Want to get stuck in and get making? Get started on some of these activities.

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