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Get Involved!

Making my Mark is our next Making for Change project

Using Craftivist projects developed by artist Seleena Laverne Daye you can use making to have a voice about the things you care about and contribute to a collective artwork.

> View an audio described version here. <

Here is the final artwork created by artist, Sharonjit Kaur Sutton. Click through the slides to enjoy the artwork, and make sure your sound is on!
Hover over the birds for tips and info. Move the zines in the library to see more.
(The artwork is interactive and it may take a few moments to fully load.)

Making my Mark has been funded by Birmingham City Council though their Next Generation Scheme.

Do the makes!

Collect your materials

Make a Zine

Watch Seleena’s video and then have a go at making a zine using her instruction sheet. You will need to choose a topic to focus on.

Zine Instructions (PDF)

Make a Patch

Seleena makes patches to share messages about the things she cares about. Watch her video and use her instruction sheet to share your own image.

Patch Instructions (PDF)

Make a Portrait

Watch the video of Seleena making a felt portrait and have a go yourself using her instruction sheet. Seleena makes portraits of herself and of people she admires.

Portrait Instructions (PDF)

Show us your work

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